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Strengthening Kenya's Innovation Ecosystem (SKIES)

We aim to strengthen the ecosystem's support infrastructure by building the capacity of incubators, accelerators, and technology bootcamp providers as well as subsidizing tuition costs for rapid tech skills students

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Enhancing the support infrastructure for Kenyan innovation

SKIES (Strengthening Kenya’s Innovation Ecosystem) aims to enhance the ecosystem infrastructure by building the capacity of intermediaries such as incubators, accelerators, and technology boot camp providers. We will support these intermediaries in developing and deepening their operational strengths and individual business models, ensuring operational sustainability, expansion, and improved quality of services provided.

This will be achieved by strengthening the support ecosystem (e.g. incubators, accelerators, and rapid technology skills providers such as boot camps) through financial grants based on individual improvement plans. In addition, KIEP is also funding technology boot camp providers through subsidizing the cost of tuition for students, and through grant funding for scaling. Incubators and accelerators across Kenya are eligible to apply.

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The project aims to benefit 10 beneficiaries for Track 1 (Incubators and Accelerators) and 8 beneficiaries for Track 2 (Techbootcamp providers), along with 267 students who will receive scholarships for rapid tech skills training for phase 1.

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Funding For Phase I

A total of $3.7 Million in performance-based grants will be given to chosen Accelerators and Incubators, while selected Tech Bootcamp providers are scheduled to receive $800,000. Students who are part of Rapid Tech Skills programs will experience reduced tuition costs amounting to $450,000. A similar funding amount is allocated for phase II.

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